Mike Pence Expected To Attend Biden Inauguration, After MAGA Tried To Kill Him

On January 6th, rioters descended on the Capitol, some of them intent on finding Vice President Mike Pence and carrying out a punishment for what they percieved as a betrayal of President Donald Trump, and Pence prepared to do his duty in certifying the electoral vote for President-Elect Joe Biden. Now, Pence will attend Biden’s inauguration on the 20th, as threats loom for further violence.

Mike Pence to attend Biden inauguration
[Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

Washington, D.C., is gearing up to face the threats of violence from militias, white supremacist groups, and Trump fans who believe the lies about the election being ‘stolen.’ As threats and plans appear on social media, Military Times reports that as many as 21,000 National Guard troops are prepared to protect D.C. during the event. The Washington Post reports that the area is “closed off like never before,” with the Mall and surrounding area already closed to the public days ahead of the event.

Joe Biden has said that, despite any suggestions to the contrary, he feels safe in holding the inauguration outdoors, per tradition, and it seems that Pence, too, considers the security sufficient, because, People reports, he plans to attend, despite having already been a target of MAGA violence earlier this month.

Donald Trump, however, has already stated that he will not be attending, and he reportedly plans to leave D.C. for Florida before the inauguration. Though it was previously reported that Ivanka Trump planned to attend, the latest reports suggest her plans have changed, and that the no longer intends to be present for the swearing-in of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

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