Mike Lindell’s Latest Unhinged Rant Leads Pundits to Jokingly Wonder if He’s Planning Insanity Defense

Despite the real threat that he could lose everything, Mike Lindell keeps on doubling down on his voting machine conspiracies.

[Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images]
Pretty much everyone involved in lawsuits filed by Dominion voting machines has stopped talking about the case. The Conservative network, Newsmax, recently settled a suit with the company. Lindell, though, keeps pushing conspiracy theories about the machines.

The pillow magnate recently threatened Dominion during an appearance on Steve Bannon’s show. He told the host:

“Either way Steve, I want to say this, I’ll give Dominion [Voting Systems] a little scare this morning. Dominion, we have machines now, I do. I have machines, we have ES&S [Election Systems & Software] machines, we got them all and we’re going to being putting out so much information over the next couple of weeks.”

Lindell’s continued rants have resulted in delight and mockery from the Twitter verse. The Lincoln Project’s Jeff Timmer tweeted, “Lindell is doing his best to ensure Dominion’s lawsuit against him will be the first civil case ever to result in the death penalty.”

And former New York prosecutor Richard Signorelli weighed in, “Lindell may be the first civil defendant to be able to successfully assert an insanity defense.”

Of course, Lindell won’t be able to plead insanity or be subject to the death penalty. There is, however, a serious threat that he could lose his company and his livelihood if it doesn’t stop.

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