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Mike Lindell’s $5 Mil Offer For Disproving His Lies Withdrawn As Evidence-Free Symposium Comes To An End

Mike Lindell’s $5 Mil Offer For Disproving His Lies Withdrawn As Evidence-Free Symposium Comes To An End

Mike Lindell promised that anyone who showed up at his symposium and disproved his election data would be given $5 million. Now that’s been withdrawn, and his three-day show is coming to an end, without any evidence.

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Mike Lindell has promised for weeks that his Cyber Symposium would provide evidence that would get the attention of every Supreme Court Justice, that it would lead to upheaval, and that Donald Trump would be reinstated as President of the United States. He said that his experts would pull packet captures from routers, look at them and identify the (alleged) “attacker” live on camera.

It didn’t happen.

In fact, his ‘cyber guy,’ Josh Merritt, told the Washington Times that there is no useful data retrievable from these routers, and that his team has found no evidence whatsoever to implicate China or any other hypothetical hackers, despite Lindell’s claims that he had “irrefutable” proof.

He says that the $5 million offer (which was already somewhat inaccessible, since the event wasn’t open to the public) is off the table.

Lindell has tried to blame antifa for his tech failures, even claiming in the last day that antifa was outside the symposium attempting to infiltrate it — something Salon reporter Zachary Petrizzo was able to refute with a quick pan of the parking lot.

Even supporters attending have found the whole thing to be a huge disappointment, with no real evidence presented.

On Wednesday, Lindell read aloud on stage the then-breaking news that his motion to dismiss a defamation lawsuit brought against him by Dominion Voting Systems was denied, and that the company will be able to move forward with their case.

Lindell has repeatedly, publicly, insisted that Dominion Voting Systems was part of a plot to switch votes, and this symposium is one more in a long string of events where he has claimed there would be overwhelming evidence presented, then failed to produce any evidence of his claims whatsoever.

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