Mike Lindell Tells Democrats Who Voted For Biden Their Votes Weren’t Counted, Because China

Mike Lindell claims that Democrats are showing up at his election denial events to apologize for supporting Joe Biden in the 2020 election, and say they regret their vote. However, he also says that they shouldn’t feel responsible for taking part in electing the President — because, according to him, their votes weren’t even counted.

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In the video below, Lindell speaks to Steve Bannon during a podcast appearance. He makes, as usual, a series of unsupported claims, and promises to eventually back them up. (So far, he has produced no evidence supporting election fraud, though he’s promised “Absolute Proof” for months.)

“There was a lot of people there that had regret, that wished they would have known more before they voted,” Lindell tells Bannon. When asked for more information, he says, “There [were] three of them that actually voted — they feel terrible about it. They feel like they’re a part of this now and they just — so much regret.”

Then he explains what he told these purported regretful Biden voters.

“I said, you know what? You didn’t — you didn’t know about this, you thought you were voting for something. I said, you didn’t get to vote. China did our vote, and we’re gonna show that at the symposium.”

Lindell is proudly marketing off his political activity, with his Telegram page alternating between political posts and MyPillow ads, even self-declaring his own products “canceled” in order to push promo codes and sales.

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However, one product that Lindell can’t seem to offer is any evidence whatsoever of his election claims — and that has not changed.

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