Mike Lindell Says Stephen Colbert is a Scumbag For Mocking His Business Failings

During an interview with Steve Bannon, Mike Lindell raged at Stephen Colbert who recently mocked his business acumen. 

Mike Lindell has, for years, been telling everyone he has proof that Donald Trump won the 2020 election and that he had proof. He has failed, however, to show any of that proof. These claims have gotten him involved in lawsuits and deeply hurt his company, My Pillow. 

The pillow magnate has been the subject of several late-night taunts. The other night, Stephen Colbert targeted Lindell and his business. When asked to comment on the spot, Lindell replied, "Yeah, he's a scumbag. Did I spell that right? S-C-U-M-B-A-G-S. I can send to them lawyers, this guy's even worse, Colbert."

The pillow guy continued, "He attacked my employees directly, making fun of them. Gee, I want to protect my company, so I'm not going to continue with $2 million a month lawyer bills. I'm not going to let everything go down because of frivolous lawsuits and lawfare."

Lindell closed his rant by saying, "They have families, these guys have been with me for 20 years, we're not going anywhere. And I know when I watch this, it just, it just sickened me."

The pillow guy has repeatedly thrust himself and his company into the spotlight. This certainly makes him game for mockery.