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Mike Lindell Really Believes the Supreme Court Will Vindicate Donald Trump’s Big Lie

Mike Lindell Really Believes the Supreme Court Will Vindicate Donald Trump’s Big Lie

Discredited and disgraced MyPillow Chief Executive Officer Mike Lindell vowed in a speech at the Health and Freedom Conference in Michigan on Friday that the United States Supreme Court will eventually have to hear his case – that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump – because his Cyber Symposium in South Dakota last weekend was such a smashing success.


The event was actually a humiliating disaster for Lindell and other proponents of Trump’s “Big Lie,” due in no small part to Lindell’s own “experts” admitting that their claims were supported only by “illegitimate” data.

“For the sake of time I wanna tell ya, the best thing that came out of there is that there was 50 states represented, okay? And all of them, all of them that were there, they seen what we’re – it’s like an awakening, okay?” Lindell grumbled before going off on a disjointed tangent about something “never stopping” in Arizona and Michigan, two states that Lindell believes should have gone to Trump.

“And what you guys have had to put up here with Michigan of just never stopping, never stopping, never stopping. Then you had Arizona down there never stopping. And, and uh, patriots all over the country, but what we’ve shown them now, it was every single state. So every state will have standing when I do bring this case to the Supreme Court! Every single state will have standing,” Lindell said to thunderous applause.

John Whitehouse, the news director at Media Matters for America, wrote in a tweet accompanying the footage of Lindell’s speech that “Mike Lindell says that when he brings his case to overthrow the 2020 election to the Supreme Court, every state will have standing because of his cyber symposium,” quipping that “this is not quite how I remember standing from law school.”

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