Mike Lindell Promises to Pitch a 9-0 Shutout to SCOTUS

Mike Lindell and other Trump fans have had no luck pushing their election conspiracy theories in court. While they’ve convinced a significant percentage of the Republican voter base, they aren’t convincing any judges. In fact, the Supreme Court has refused to hear one case after another that asserts election fraud.

Mike Lindell is going to SCOTUS -- again
[Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images]

However, Mike Lindell is sure he’s got it this time. A month after releasing the video that he promised would reveal evidence — Absolute Proof in fact, as the title asserts — of election fraud, he again says he’s got proof, and he’ll start releasing it any day now.

Check out the video below via Right Wing Watch.

Lindell’s “absolute proof” in the ‘documentary’ of the same name consisted of interviews with individuals explaining their opinions regarding election fraud. One court after another has turned away the claims as unsupported by evidence. Lindell is currently facing a lawsuit for spreading false claims about Dominion Voting Systems machines.

However, attorney Sidney Powell, who has filed several of these lawsuits, and watched the Supreme Court refuse to hear any of them, just declared yesterday that a new case is coming that (she believes) will be different. Now Lindell is also touting this case, claiming that after he publicly releases all the evidence that the team apparently didn’t have for any court, SCOTUS won’t be able to ignore him.

…we’ve got the case, it’s almost ready – and when we bring it – five, six weeks – before the Supreme Court…They’re gonna have to accept this and I’m telling you it’s going to be a 9-0 vote, going, “Wow, this was an attack on our country by foreign actors and domestic,” and I don’t know what they do after that.

Several prominent supporters of Trump have continued to claim that at some point, the election will be overturned and Trump will be returned to office. However, if Lindell has any evidence for election fraud, he hasn’t shown it yet.

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