Mike Lindell Plans To Rival Amazon With Trump Sycophancy

Mike Lindell is the MyPillow guy who tied himself so tightly to Donald Trump he became the MyPresident guy, promoting conspiracy theories and even getting himself sued for defaming Dominion Voting Systems over the election outcome. Now, he hopes to make a new name for himself as the major competition for mega shopping site Amazon — selling a handful of products with a very Trumpy theme.

[Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images]
He’s calling it MyStore, and currently, it’s a page added to his MyPillow website. It lists just under 100 links to products including Lindell’s longstanding MyPillow line, and a series of children’s books by right-wing commentator Eric Mataxes praising Trump, who is portrayed as a caveman rescuing society from a king that has forgotten about them.

[Screenshot via Mike Lindell/MyStore]
He’s also selling American flags, branded as “Freedom Flags,” clothing with ‘subtle yet powerful’ messages of religious faith, and essential oils, vitamins and supplements, soap and skin care products. In addition to his own book, he’s offering several others by Eric Mataxas, who promoted the shop as an alternative to Amazon, complaining that Amazon is “playing the cancel game.”

(Notably, Amazon does have a long list of Mataxas’ books, including the Donald Caveman series, despite his complaint.)

Lindell says that he plans to rival Amazon with the store, which he says will add “100s of products” soon.

Lindell claims that for years, people have asked him to help them market their products, and he now offers an application on his site for anyone who would like to offer their items on his “revolutionary platform.”

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