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Mike Lindell Is Now Threatening Journalists For Reporting On His Nothingburgers

Mike Lindell Is Now Threatening Journalists For Reporting On His Nothingburgers

Mike Lindell is working hard on a central goal of convincing anyone who will listen that Donald Trump won the 2020 election, and can be restored to the White House. That aim has been thwarted only slightly by the fact that he has repeatedly promised evidence, then failed to bring any.

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Lindell has spread the blame for this around liberally, claiming to be attacked by antifa, hackers, and even orange-eating selfie-seekers.

Reporters have followed Lindell’s efforts, although he hasn’t produced any of the promised evidence. In fact, one reporter in particular stands out for having kept up the fact-checking, even when Lindell’s claims are as ridiculous and seemingly irrelevant as an assertion that antifa is gathering outside his event.

While viewers of Lindell’s livestream would have no way of knowing this wasn’t true, Zachary Petrizzo did the legwork, sharing footage of the parking lot at the Cyber Symposium.

Petrizzo also shared the news when Lindell admitted that his lawyers have given him instructions on how to frame his accusations against Dominion Voting Systems, while he’s already facing a lawsuit for spreading false claims.

It seems Lindell is getting sick of all this factual reporting though — he’s declared that he is “going after this kid,” and declared Petrizzo an “enemy of our country.”

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Undaunted, Petrizzo told Business Insider that it sounds like Lindell’s priorities are out of order, if he’s planning to spend his money pursuing an investigative reporter instead of fending off the Dominion suit, but also mocked the threat:

“As to having me criminal charged? I wish him luck in that venture. I’ll keep my head on a swivel for the pillow police!”

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