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Mike Lindell Flips Flops: Says His Company is Thriving Thanks to Dominion Lawsuit

Mike Lindell Flips Flops: Says His Company is Thriving Thanks to Dominion Lawsuit

Just a few short years ago, Mike Lindell was somewhat of a pseudo celebrity in the Conservative world. Commercials for his company, My Pillow, ran constantly on Fox News. He even became a regular guest of some right wing shows.

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But following Donald Trump’s loss, Lindell became one of the country’s biggest spreaders of election misinformation. Those Conservative media shows are no longer having him on. And Dominion Voting Machines has named Lindell in a multi-billion dollar lawsuit.

The lawsuit is a good thing, though, says Lindell. The businessman recently told viewers of Lindell TV, “We hired 200 more employees because — 200 more employees. We had to hire more because we are busy. People have responded. They have responded out there. We are a USA company with — now we have 2,700 employees. They are hardworking people.”

This contradicts what the pillow magnate’s lawyers said. They wrote in an April statement, “Exhibit 230 demonstrates that Mr. Lindell’s principled stand resulted in a loss of business. Numerous retailers – including Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, Today’s Shopping Choice and Wayfair – dropped MyPillow products after Mr. Lindell’s public statements.”

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Legal professional Robert DeNault explained:

“Any time a client publicly contradicts an assertion an attorney made in their defense, it’s not a great situation. Here it seems really problematic, because Lindell’s attorneys directly asserted he had taken a loss on his business in response to Dominion’s claim Lindell was defaming them to profit with MyPillow sales. But now Lindell appears to be out here suggesting his company is actually profiting and even growing based on media exposure he’s gotten from the situation.”

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