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Mike Lindell Claims (Still Without Evidence) To Have “Real” Numbers From 2020 Election

Mike Lindell Claims (Still Without Evidence) To Have “Real” Numbers From 2020 Election

Mike Lindell is holding a ‘cyber symposium’ this week. He’s made a lot of promises about what can be expected from it, but anyone hoping for an election bombshell should probably not hold their breath — after all, he’s been making the same promises for months, without coming through once. His latest claim is that he’ll be able to prove the number of “real” votes each candidate received.

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Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium is slated to last three days, running Tuesday through Thursday. He’s said that any ‘cyber guy’ who shows up and disproves his information is eligible for a reward of $5 million — although, the event is only open to invited guests, which certainly complicates that challenge.

He claims that at this event, a ‘cyber guy’ will “pull the packet captures out of the router…read it, and go ‘Here’s what happened…here’s who did it, here was the attacker.'”

It’s not clear why that would take three days, in the event that Lindell actually had routers or servers from the election, and in the hypothetical case that there was actually election fraud to show (which has been alleged, without evidence, since before the election actually took place).

Still, Lindell now has a new piece of (dis)information to add to this.

He claims that the “real” election tally puts Donald Trump at almost 80 million votes, and Joe Biden with only 68 million. In fact, as you can see via the Federal Election Commission (PDF), Biden received just over 81 million votes, while Trump received just over 74 million.

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