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Mike Lindell Claims “Cyber Guy” Will Reveal Identity Of “Attacker” At Symposium

Mike Lindell Claims “Cyber Guy” Will Reveal Identity Of “Attacker” At Symposium

Though Mike Lindell has long been known as “the MyPillow Guy,” he’s earning a new reputation as the MyElection Guy. He’s determined to prove that the 2020 election was rigged, and keeps promising proof that never actually surfaces. Now he’s got an event coming up — what he calls a ‘cyber symposium’ and he keeps making promises about what will come from it.

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In the clip below, Lindell tried to describe what will happen at this symposium. “We’re gonna pull the packet captures out of the router, and we’re gonna have a cyber guy, hell read it, and go “Here’s what happened…here’s who did it, here was the attacker.”

Lindell did not say how he acquired, or intends to acquire, these purported routers, or who exactly he’s been relying on to explain to him how routers and servers work. However, as CNN reported last week, Donald Trump has made a public display of demanding routers from Maricopa County, where he claims they’ll somehow prove something (despite an independent audit proving that voting machines were not connected to the internet).

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As for Lindell’s symposium, he previously promised a $5 million reward to any ‘cyber guy’ who can show up at the event and prove that his data isn’t valid. By what must certainly be an unfortunate coincidence, the event is invite-only.

Lindell has already walked back some claims, saying that he can’t promise Trump will be reinstated immediately after the symposium (spoiler alert, but Trump cannot be reinstated at any time) but that it could happen in the month following, after the Supreme Court has the opportunity to review the evidence he assures us he’ll really have this time.

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