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Mike Lindell, Barred From Entering Canada, Hopes To Use Helicopters & “Little Parachutes” Instead

Mike Lindell, Barred From Entering Canada, Hopes To Use Helicopters & “Little Parachutes” Instead

This week a convoy traveled to the southern border and tried to cross, but was turned back. Now the organizer of the group is trying to find ways to smuggle his product into the country. As it happens, in this case the southern border in question is Canada’s southern border, the convoy organizer is Mike Lindell, and the product is a load of his MyPillow products. Now that his entry has been rejected, his backup plan is to see if he can find a way to use helicopters and parachutes to smuggle his pillows into Canada.

[Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images]

Lindell had previously announced he’d be taking truckloads of pillows to donate to the Freedom Convoy protestors, lugging the bedding into Canada, where a group of truckers is protesting against vaccine mandates that prevent entry into the country for most unvaccinated individuals.

It seems Lindell didn’t consider how these rules would apply to him and his convoy, and now he’s stuck on the U.S. side of the border with a truckload of pillows he can’t give away. Daily Beast reporter Zachary Petrizzo, however, got an answer out of the MAGAPillowGuy about his next step.

He says he plans to use a helicopter and parachutes to transport the shipment into Canada, and that he’s already confirmed the plan with a helicopter company for 11am Thursday, and has a location planned, though he won’t disclose it.

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According to MSN, the delivery is of 12,000 pillows, and Canada’s Border Patrol isn’t responding to questions about whether Lindell can legally bypass the border crossing by carting his products over it in a helicopter.

There’s also currently no word on where he’ll procure twelve thousand pillow-sized parachutes.

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