Mike Lindell Asks Trump to Put Him in Charge of American Elections

During a podcast appearance this week, pillow guy Mike Lindell argued that Donald Trump should place him in charge of elections if he gets back in power. 

There was a time when Mike Lindell was also over the news. The businessman was a strong supporter of Donald Trump and a major advertiser on the Fox News network. 

Following the 2020 election, Lindell frequently claimed that he had evidence of a stolen election, but was never able to provide it. Still, he believes himself to be an expert. 

Lindell was speaking with far-Right figure Jack Posobiec, and the host asked if the pillow guy had talked to Trump about being his running mate. He answered:  

"No, I haven’t — I have not been asked, you guys. I have not. And I will tell you this: If he asks me to do anything, I’m hoping it’s when we get this, when he gets in, that he puts me in charge of our, the elections, where we can get out election platform completely fixed."

The Pillow Guy continued:

"I think the election bureau should be, which I have already set up, should be part of Homeland Security, Jack, so that we, because remember our government deemed our elections critical infrastructure. And so that’s what I hoped he would do, would have a place for me there because in the last three years, I’ve lived and breathed it. I know we need to have secure elections and I really think I could do a good job of getting this country to a great place like you have over in the U.K. and most recently Argentina and other places."