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Mike Lindell Accuses Bigot Rick Wiles of Colluding With Antifa to Sabotage His Stupid Cyber Symposium

Mike Lindell Accuses Bigot Rick Wiles of Colluding With Antifa to Sabotage His Stupid Cyber Symposium

Following his disastrous cyber symposium over the weekend, MyPillow’s discredited conspiracy theorist chief executive officer Mike Lindell on Monday blamed televangelist Rick Wiles and his anti-science, antisemitic, homophobic, right-wing propaganda outlet TruNews for sabotaging the event and accused TruNews of being secretly funded by Media Matters for America, a liberal organization.


“I have a report from from our counter-intelligence on the people that were there. They’ve given me this report and this will be ready by tonight. Antifa – they, on our counter-intelligence – Antifa individuals were working with TruNews, which is a fake news site established by Media Matters for America. We believe Zachary Petrizzo from Salon was involved. We’ve got ’em all on tape colluding with masks on,” Lindell exclaimed on Lindell TV.

On Monday night, Wiles was baffled by Lindell’s allegations and essentially dismissed him as a kook.

“It really is sad. Somebody is feeding Mr. Lindell a lot of bad information, and I think he should wise up and take a look at who he has surrounded himself with and whether somebody has gotten inside his group and they are now turning him into a clown. They’re destroying his credibility,” Wiles said.

“If his sources of information are so faulty that he accuses TruNews of being a Media Matters puppet – funded by Media Matters – and that we smuggle Antifa terrorists into meetings, if his information is that faulty, then I can’t trust anything Mike Lindell says,” Wiles added. “I’ve been one guy here through this whole thing that has said, ‘Let’s hear him out. Let’s not attack him. Let’s give the man a fair chance to present his information.’ That’s why we sent Edward [Szall] and Lauren [Witzke], but now I wouldn’t waste a dime on anything Mike Lindell says.”

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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