Mike Huckabee Suggests Trump Try Zoom Press Conferences For Reporters Who Are Nicer To Him

Donald Trump has complained about the media pressing him on issues, giving him questions he calls ‘nasty’ or ‘hostile.’ On Monday, he walked out of a press conference after telling a reporter, “don’t ask me, ask China,” and refusing to take a question from another reporter after calling on her. Now former Arkansas governor and GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is offering the president a solution: just do press conferences over telecommunication software, and stick with reporters who are nicer to him.

Mike Huckabee says Trump should skip press
[Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images]

Huckabee spoke with Fox News Tuesday morning, saying that Trump was right to walk out on the press conference, which he called “an absurdity,” referring to the press as “goons” who were “playing a gotcha game.” He said that reporters show Trump no respect, and that Trump doesn’t owe them the time and effort.

Trump did suspend press conferences after being pressed on his statements about use of ‘something like’ disinfectants to get rid of the virus inside the body, but only very briefly before resuming the practice. However, Monday’s event, ending with the president walking out after showing frustration at being pressed on hard questions, was reminiscent of another conference, shortly after his disinfectant comments, where he did the same thing.

Trump tweeted video of his walkout Tuesday morning, captioning it, “Fake journalists!”

Following his Fox interview, Huckabee tweeted a link to the video of his television appearance, throwing out another suggestion with the tweet. Trump, he says, shouldn’t hold press conferences for the White House Correspondents’ Association. Instead, he should hold them over Zoom, and select reporters from “outside of DC cesspool,” instead of the “biased showboats parading their prejudice” that he calls Trump’s current reporting audience.

Trump has demonstrated a willingness to take breaks from his press conferences, but since pandemic concerns have put a stop to campaign rallies, he hasn’t gone long without a public or press event. Rallies and public events have been a major element of Trump’s presidency, and whether he’d be satisfied with holding an event by teleconference is, of course, a matter of speculation. If he should decide to try it, Mike Huckabee’s idea that he skip the ‘biased’ reporters seems to be a recommendation for avoiding tough questions.

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