Mike Huckabee: GOP Reps Making Hakeem Jeffries Speaker Within Realm of Possibility

During a recent spot on Newsmax, Mike Huckabee discussed the possibility of Hakeem Jeffries becoming Speaker of the House despite the Republican majority. 

On Tuesday, Jim Jordan became the latest Republican to fall short of the 217 votes needed to become the next House Speaker. And at this point, many are left wondering if any Republican in the House could secure the necessary votes. 

In each of these votes for Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan, Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries has received all 212 votes from a unified Democratic caucus. If 5 Republicans were to become fed up and voted for him, he'd become the Speaker. 

Mike Huckabee said of this possibility, "There's a real risk, I don't think it's a huge one, but there is a risk that the Republicans could continue to splinter. And the Democrats would end up getting 2 or 3 Republican votes and electing Hakeem Jeffries to be the Speaker."

The former Arkansas Governor continued:

"Can you think of anything that could be more disastrous and embarrassing than Republicans, unable to govern, handing the gavel over to Hakeem Jeffries? It’s in the realm of possibility. I don't think it will happen, surely not. It’s just how ridiculous this has become."

Watch a clip of the comments below, courtesy of Newsmax: