Mika Brzezinski Needs a Better Word Than Idiot to Describe Trump Supporters

During each broadcast of Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough is usually the bombastic host delivering his opinion like a sermon. Mika Brzezinski will work in her barbs, but is nowhere near as emotional as her husband. 

So when Brzezinski does choose to go nuclear, it is usually something worth watching. Today she took on Trump supporters saying that the ones left at this point are sticking with the former President no matter what. 

"One explanation for that, though," she began, "and by the way, that American story, is one of the many beautiful things that you can say about America, that commitment to our values, to our Constitution."

Brzezinski continued:

"But one of the reasons why you have those people clapping is not just the -- idiot's not enough of a word, I think that he has a treasonous personality, Donald Trump is working for Russia. But the reason why these things get clapped for and support for is it's swallowed not just by them, but they get this information from the networks and from their members of Congress."

After some back and forth about whether she really believed Trump is serving Putin, Scarborough agreed, saying, "When you're constantly undermining the United States military and trashing them and constantly praising Vladimir Putin, I mean."