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Mick Mulvaney Thinks Donald Trump’s Election Challenges Are Not Impressive

Mick Mulvaney Thinks Donald Trump’s Election Challenges Are Not Impressive

Former acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney doused President Donald Trump’s challenges to the 2020 election as a “PR campaign” rather than a cogent legal strategy in a Monday appearance on Fox Business.

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Mornings with Maria host Maria Bartiromo questioned Mulvaney over Congress’s decision to include restrictions to the Federal Reserve’s emergency lending powers in the latest COVID-19 economic relief package.

Mulvaney praised the oversight, which had bipartisan support. Essentially, the amendment’s language holds the FED accountable to Congress if it favors extending loans to certain businesses over others.

“I think it makes sense. It’s one of those rare times where I actually think that Congress actually did the right thing,” said Mulvaney. “They need to keep tighter control over that money. We’re already starting to hear stories, as you will anytime there’s a huge spending bill, about fraud and waste, and so forth. And just to have a giant pile of money sitting around for anybody to use in Washington DC, even if it’s just the Federal Reserve, is always going to be dangerous and lead to unintended consequences. So I think they made the right move there, and I congratulate the Republicans in the Senate for sticking firm on that issue.”

Next came the discussion about Trump’s outlandish schemes to reverse the results of the election.

“Mick, the president continues to challenge the election results. They are taking it to the Supreme Court in Pennsylvania – President Trump’s campaign asking the Supreme Court to fast-track a challenge of the Keystone State’s election results. This suit is asserting that several decisions by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on absentee voting were unconstitutional. Campaign attorney John Eastman was with me in the last hour and walked us through why he says the High Court should intervene.”

Eastman explained the lawsuit, which asks the Supreme Court to nullify the will of the voters because of procedural changes that were implemented because of the coronavirus pandemic:

If the Supreme Court weighs in and says, ‘you cannot change the rules in the middle of an election, and you certainly can’t do it by non-legislative actors…’ This happened in half a dozen other states as well, and those legislators as a result of a Supreme Court ruling here, I think would be emboldened or gain some spine to actually do what the Constitution allows them to do, which is to take matters into their own hands, and there are seven slates of electors in those states that have cast their own votes waiting for something like this to happen.

Trump has already had more than 50 cases rejected by state and federal courts, including the Supreme Court, which tossed out a challenge mounted by Texas.

“Mick, what do you make of this suit? Could this be a potential win for President Trump?” asked Bartiromo.

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“Potentially, sure. But I think we have to be honest with ourselves Maria, no one’s been impressed with the results of the legal up until now,” Mulvaney responded. “It’s been run mostly as a PR campaign it seems, not a serious legal inquiry.”

Mulvany predicted that “the president is going to use every legal tool available to him” to thwart democracy. “That’s to be expected given the circumstances, for sure.”

Trump’s best hope is in keeping control of the United States Senate in Republican hands, Mulvaney noted.

“I think one of the things that not enough folks are talking about though is probably the best way at this point for the president to make sure we finally find out what happened in the election in 2020 is to win the Senate in Georgia, because if the Democrats take control of the Senate, then there will be no opportunity at all to do any investigations after January 20th,” Mulvaney added. “So I know a lot of the attention goes toward the legal efforts, but the political efforts are just as important, if not more so at this date.”

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