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Michigan Police Department Sued for Unlawful Arrest of Black Man Taking a Walk

Michigan Police Department Sued for Unlawful Arrest of Black Man Taking a Walk

A Black hypnotherapist has filed a massive civil rights lawsuit against a Michigan police department after an officer falsely accused him of breaking into cars and then arrested him without cause, according to a report that was published by BallerReport.com on Saturday.

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“On Monday, Farmington Hills, Michigan resident Brian Chaney filed the $10 million civil rights lawsuit against Officer Richard Lindquist and the Keego Harbor Police Department. The suit stemmed from July 14th, when Chaney took a walk for exercise after dropping off his teenage sons at a nearby gym for weight training. He initially ignored the police car that pulled up behind him. However, when Officer Lindquist, a white man, exited the vehicle and shouted, ‘Get your hands out of your pocket,’ the situation turned hostile,” the report states.

“Lindquist told Chaney he was going to frisk him because the certified hypnotherapist looked like he had a weapon and was going to ‘break into cars.’ The officer then forced Chaney against the police car, called him a ‘dog,’ and caused injuries to his groin and wrists due to the handcuffs,” it continues. “As backup officers arrived, Chaney was never given a valid reason for being detained. When no one gave him any answers, he then asked, ‘What are you going to do next? Put your knee into my neck?’ referencing the 2020 death of George Floyd. It was at that moment that Lindquist removed the handcuffs and told Chaney he could go.”

Chaney later said that he regrets having to invoke Floyd but he felt that it was his only option because he feared for his life when he heard the officer approaching from behind.

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“I would hope that it was a reality check for those officers. I hate that I had to say that, though. I went from being scared and upset at that point to just really angry. I’m cuffed like an animal for walking, drinking my coffee,” Chaney said. “He’s screaming at me, running back to his car. I was afraid I was going to get shot. I just didn’t know.”

Chaney was treated at a local hospital for migraines and vomiting brought on by the traumatizing encounter.

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