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Michigan MAGA McClain Making a Mockery of Mask Mandates

Michigan MAGA McClain Making a Mockery of Mask Mandates

The Michigan district represented by a newly-elected House Republican is still being ravaged by COVID-19 at one of the highest rates in the country, but she’s ignoring the damage its doing while she rails Trump-like about a stolen election and immigrants at the border.

Representative Lisa McClain won her election as a Trump Republican and hasn’t changed her ways despite his election loss to now-President Joe Biden. McClain has spent the first few months after being elected attacking the election results, and she was one of three Reps from Michigan to vote to overturn the 2020 Presidential election on January 6th.

McClain has also added her voice to the Republicans’ attack on President Biden over the immigrants at the border while her district is being hammered by a particularly deadly outbreak of COVID-19. Yet McClain openly eschews mask mandates and the other recommended social distancing measures from the CDC.

McClain also continues to insist that the biggest crisis facing America isn’t the coronavirus, but the “immigrant crisis at the border”.


During a recent COVID-related Town Hall where an observer described McClain’s behavior as “bizarre”, the lawmaker made a strange analogy where she compared the deadly virus to drowning; according to McClain, COVID had killed “less than 250 children, whereas 800 drown each year in America,” adding, “We don’t ban swimming pools.”

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Presenting false equivalence arguments is nothing new for MAGA, but even Trump never stooped to comparing the statistics of dead children to make his case.

Locals also chimed in on Twitter to back up the stories emerging about McClain.

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