Michigan Legislator: SNL Was Amusing, But The Reality Is Heinous

As Donald Trump’s allies in government continue to give false credence to the idea that widespread fraud altered the outcome of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, the danger to election officials is very real. Attorneys and witnesses keep making declarations that are laughable — and, reliably, much of America is laughing, especially as some of the propaganda almost exceeds satire. However, a Michigan legislator is speaking up to remind the nation that the actual consequences of this horror show are not funny at all.

SNL funny; threats real.
[Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images]

A Michigan House panel held an inexplicable hearing in which to take testimony about the purported discrepancies in voting. Melissa Carone, a witness who alleged fraud without ever giving any credible or even actually understandable testimony that supported the claim, was guaranteed to catch the attention of humorists and satirists.

Sure enough, Saturday Night Live writers jumped at the opportunity to ridicule the ridiculous. The character of Carone played on the show was very recognizable, and the clip was a subject of conversation across social media Sunday morning. (You can watch the full skit here.)

However, Michigan State Representative Lauri Pohutsky didn’t find it quite as funny as some viewers may have.

She tweeted to make sure people recognized that, while the SNL skit made light of a hearing that to much of America was a joke in itself, those who keep taking false claims from Trump, Giuliani, and their ilk seriously are presenting a genuine danger to elections officials and to legislators. As reported by ABC 13 last week, Rudy Giuliani has called for activists to pressure and threaten their legislators to appoint Trump electors despite the election outcome. That’s not hyperbole — Giuliani literally said of legislators, “You have got to get them to remember that their oath to the Constitution sometimes requires being criticized. Sometimes it even requires being threatened.”

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