Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Endorses Biden Ahead Of State’s Primary Election Next Week

Hoping to continue his momentum in the Democratic primary contests to become the party’s nominee for president this year, former Vice President Joe Biden is looking to capitalize by winning a number of states’ primary races next week.

Among them, the state of Michigan is likely set to be the most contentious.

Gerald Ford School of Public Policy/Flickr

Two polls, admittedly month apart from one another, show that either of the leading candidates, Biden or Sen. Bernie Sanders, could be the winner. A University of Wisconsin poll from early in February, for instance, had Sanders up 9 points ahead of Biden.

But a lot has changed since then — Biden won his first primary election in South Carolina, and a number of moderate candidates have dropped out of the race, consolidating voters with similar viewpoints toward his camp.

Indeed, a newer poll from The Detroit News/WDIV-TV conducted in March found that Biden is ahead of Sanders, 29 percent versus 22.5 percent, respectively.

It could be even higher for Biden: the poll included former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in its question, prior to his suspending his campaign and endorsing the former VP.

On Thursday, things got even better for Biden: current Gov. Gretchen Whitmer gave her endorsement to him as well.

Whitmer made her announcement during MSNBC’s Morning Joe program, citing a desire to continue the successes of midterm elections for Democrats two years ago.

“I think that the blueprint from 2018 about showing up, focusing on the dinner table issues, getting things done is exactly what Joe Biden represents, and that’s why he’s got my enthusiastic support and my vote on Tuesday,” Whitmer said.

Biden himself campaigned for the Michigan Democrat in 2018, when she won a decisive victory in the gubernatorial election, attaining 53 percent of the vote.

That win was seen as a huge rebound after Donald Trump narrowly beat Hillary Clinton two years prior in the presidential election of 2016. It also catapulted Whitmer to national attention, and this year she delivered the rebuttal statement to the State of the Union address delivered by Trump.

Whitmer has been seen as a possible pick to be vice president by whoever wins the Democratic Party’s nomination, though she has downplayed expectations, saying she is committed to working in Michigan.

In addition to a race in the Great Lakes State next week, primary elections are happening in Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and Washington State on Tuesday as well.

Featured image credit: Gerald Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan/Flickr

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