Michigan Attorney General Calls Out Trump For Misogyny And Lies

On Thursday, Donald Trump made a trip to Michigan to visit a Ford plant that is adapting to societal needs during a pandemic by making ventilators. The state’s Attorney General, Dana Nessel, warned Trump in advance that both Ford policy and state law would require the president to wear a mask throughout his time in the facility. He did wear a mask briefly, but not throughout the visit. Afterward, in Twitter exchanges, Trump called her angry and stupid, and Nessel fired back to call him out for misogyny and lies.

henry ford bloodlines says trump
[Screenshot via White House Video]

The Attorney General’s office issued a statement earlier this week reminding Trump, who has avoided wearing a mask in public, that her state requires it in enclosed public spaces, and that Ford’s policy also requires the same. In interviews, Trump said he’d wear a mask when called for, but described an ‘appropriate’ situation as a visit to a hospital ward.

Trump mostly skipped the mask, and according to Washington Post, Nessel responded publicly, calling it an act of disrespect for the people of Michigan and essential workers, and the action of “a petulant child who refuses to follow the rules.”

She said she would be in contact with the Ford plant to determine whether they had allowed Trump to violate policy and law during his tour.

Trump lashed out on Twitter, saying that the Michigan AG should control her “anger and stupidity,” and he took credit for success of business in her state.

In turn, she responded, suggesting that Trump’s problem with Michigan is three strong women holding positions of power and leadership in the state (in addition to Nessel, Trump has clashed with Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson), and called him out for lying about his role in the success of the auto industry.

Attorney General Nessel said, before her Twitter exchange with Donald Trump, that she hopes in November, the people of Michigan remember that Trump didn’t respect them enough to put their welfare first and take the simple step of wearing a mask, and that soon Americans will have a new president, with more respect for others.

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