Michelle Bachmann Declares “Church Bells Ringing” To Celebrate Trump Victory

As votes continue to be counted across the nation, Michele Bachmann is making a prediction. She believes that Donald Trump will win re-election, and that church bells will ring across the nation to celebrate.

Michele Bachmann on Trump win
[Photo credit NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images]

Michele Bachmann, former U.S. Representative from Minnesota, spoke on Tuesday, election day, to predict a win for Donald Trump, and that churches would celebrate.

I think we’re gonna hear church bells ringing all across the United States. People are gonna be kicking up their heels. It is gonna be a victory, I believe that the Lord, our God, has sealed this election in the heavenlies and we are going to be rejoicing very soon.

Polls have been largely favoring Joe Biden, and pollsters say they’ve worked hard to correct the polling errors from 2016, when Hillary Clinton was expected to win. Though Clinton took the popular vote, Trump won the electoral college, and the presidency.

Bachmann had already weighed in on the election in September, when she declared that “transgender Black Marxists” were fighting to overthrow the Trump administration and take over the United States, and destroy the so-called “traditional family.”

However, she’s also said this year that God is punishing Donald Trump for decisions in the Middle East, by hitting the United States with struggles including the COVID-19 pandemic, and the protests and unrest over failures of racial justice in the nation. Both of these were predicted to affect Trump’s chances and support in the election. He has been holding as many as five rallies in a single day.

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