Michelle Bachman: Electing Joe Biden Would Equal a 3rd Term for Obama

Michelle Bachmann, at one point, looked like the future of the Republican party. The former Minnesota congresswoman was once so popular that she made a bid for the Republican nomination back in 2012. The Tea Party favorite retired in 2013, after announcing she wouldn’t run again for her 6th district congressional seat.

Via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

While not much has been heard from Bachmann in the last few years, she recently reemerged to give her opinion on the upcoming election. According to the former lawmaker, a Joe Biden presidency would be equal to a 3rd term for Barack Obama.

Bachmann made the comments while appearing on the Olive Tree Ministries radio program.

She warned, “It is my opinion that Joe Biden will not be the president in the sense that we think of a president. He’ll be a figurehead and this will become Barack Obama’s third term.”

Bachmann continued, “The entire Obama team will be onboard with their fellow travelers and they will be running the country, so in effect, the country will be run by a team — team Obama.I don’t believe that the big decisions will actually be made by Joe Biden.”

You can watch a clip of Bachmann’s comments below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

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