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Michele Bachmann Claims January 6th Insurrection Was ‘More Akin to a Family Reunion’

Michele Bachmann Claims January 6th Insurrection Was ‘More Akin to a Family Reunion’

Republican ex-Congresswoman and failed 2012 presidential candidate Michele Bachmann of Minnesota claimed this week that former President Donald Trump’s insurrection at the United States Capitol on January 6th was actually a false flag attack perpetrated by supporters of President Joe Biden who were disguised as Capitol Police officers.

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Standing just outside the Capitol complex, Bachmann appeared in a video sponsored by right-wing pastor Jim Garlow’s Well Versed World organization – according to Right Wing Watch – and shared her batty tales with the world:

In the days leading up to January 6th, we were here, praying, walking up and down in the city, walking on the Mall, walking around this United States Capitol building. On the morning of January 6th, when all the events were about to transpire, it was extremely cold that day. It was January. We were out here. If you look right behind my shoulder, there’s an open area of cement. This is where we were right here. We had a platform set up, we had a permit, we had a worship band, and we had a number of Christians that were here. I have to tell you: on January 5th and January 6th, Washington DC, was one of the happiest places I’ve ever been in. So many people were coming in in support of President Trump. So many believers were here. People were witnessing on street corner after street corner. They were witnessing to the gospel of Jesus Christ. They were holding up banners proclaiming the name of Jesus. They were holding up banners in support of President Trump. Why? They were supporting him because President Trump was standing for biblical values. And that’s why so many believers were here to support him, because he was supporting biblical values.

So it was really, I would say, more akin to a family reunion. It was happiness. People weren’t angry, they weren’t swearing, they weren’t planning an insurrection. They were so happy. And they were in prayer, believing that the election results would be the true election results and only would be certified based upon what truly happened in that election outcome. So, people of faith were here, by faith, asking God through faith for his true election results. That’s the real story of January 6th.

Well, we didn’t see normal people breaking in. Some people reported that they saw five buses drive up to this building, and people got out of those buses wearing all black clothing. They came up – we don’t know who those people were – but they came up, and it was clear that some people – whether they were the Capitol Police or dressed to look like Capitol Police – they physically took these bicycle-looking barriers. They opened them – the people who looked like Capitol Police – they open the barriers and they were [waving] to the crowd, come in, to say to the crowd you can come in.

There were some bad actors who had climbed up over here and on the other side and they actually were pounding on the glass. Now, a normal person doesn’t do that. A normal person would never think to pound on the glass. I’ve seen the videotape of the first 14 people who went into the building. They were all dressed in black. They look like they’d been trained as warriors, the people who went in. This was clearly a planned event. That was not the Trump supporters who were around the building. What my conclusion was on-site is that this was nothing short of a coup. A political coup. What’s a coup? It’s an illegal takeover of a government. That’s what I saw happening.

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Indeed, ma’am, but it was executed by Trump’s people.

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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