Michele Bachmann Begs God to Give Trump a Second Term

Joe Biden has received a historic amount of votes in the 2020 Presidential Election, with a current tally putting him at just over 81 million. As the date to certify the Electoral College vote looms, lame duck Donald Trump is trying absolutely everything to stay in office so that he doesn’t have to face prosecution in New York State, and his remaining sycophants are also scraping the bottom of the desperation barrel to keep hope alive.

Trump’s Evangelical supporters are the most hardcore election deniers, already well versed in denying the science of the Coronavirus or anything else that interferes with their plan to stack the courts with Conservative judges who’ll finally overturn abortion legislation and send women back to the dark ages even more. And those evangelicals include women who have somehow allowed themselves to be so subjugated by men, they can’t see just how repressed they are.

Michele Bachman says Bible predicts transgender Black marxists
[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call]
One of the more prominent women to fit this description is former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who’s emerged from wherever she’s been hiding to make a video begging God to give Trump another term in office. You might recall Bachmann from such public travesties as when she cried over Trump’s election loss, or when she said “transgender Black Marxists will elect Joe Biden“, or from pretending her marriage to Marcus Bachmann isn’t a total sham.

During a recent segment on the Pray Vote Stand show, Bachmann prayed to God, begging him to overturn the 2020 election results and allow Trump to serve a second term.“For this moment in the United States, we seriously, sincerely, cry out to you, confessing our personal sins, we confess the sins of our country as proxies, we ask you, oh God, for deliverance,” Bachmann said as Family Research Council president Tony Perkins listened.

It’s a good thing Michele no longer has a job in government, because it’s obvious she doesn’t understand how elections work. Twitter certainly had no problem letting her know.

While plenty of people might not believe in prayer, Bachmann’s plea actually got an answer from Sky Daddy.


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