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Michael’s Craft Store Disavows Scott Baio’s Trump Candle Display

Michael’s Craft Store Disavows Scott Baio’s Trump Candle Display

The craft store Michaels is not jumping on the Trump Train along with Scott Baio. When the actor tweeted a photo of his Trump support, mentioning the chain, the president retweeted it — but Michaels had to let their customers know they weren’t behind the display.

[Screenshots via Scott Baio/Twitter and Scott Baio/YouTube]

“Fun times at Michaels,” Baio tweeted, adding, “Trump is still your president.” With the words (and a blessing for the lame duck) he shared a photo of candles arranged so that letters on their jars spelled out the same words — “Trump is still your president” — on store shelves.

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He caught the attention of Trump, who was on a retweeting spree anyway, boosting a number of opinions against Fox News. The president retweeted the post, saying, “Thank you Scott, and stay tuned. You are terrific!”

Baio has since mentioned that he did not set up the display, only shared the photo that was sent to him.

According to The Hill, Michaels didn’t set it up either, and wants to be sure their customers know it. The store where the arrangement was photographed has taken it down, and a representative says, “At Michaels we strive to maintain an inclusive environment for all our team members and customers.”

Of the candle arrangement, the store representative says it “was not created by Michaels and has been dismantled.”

Baio has been a very vocal supporter of Trump, even missing out on the Happy Days reunion recently in which his former co-cast members got together to raise money for Joe Biden.

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