Michael Wolff: Trump Insiders Say He's 'Totally Incoherent' When Off Stage

Journalist and author Michael Wolff has a history with Donald Trump. When he was President, Trump allowed the author access to himself and the White House. The result was the book Fire and Fury, which became a bestseller and humiliated and infuriated the 45th President. 

Wolff is not likely to get any more access to Trump, but he still has relationships with some of the former President's circle. According to those people, Trump is reportedly an incoherent mess when off stage. 

Even when he is on stage, Trump is far removed from the speaker he was in 2016, with plenty of weird tangents and glitches these days. During his new podcast, also called Fire and Fury, Wolff relays a story he heard from someone in Trump's orbit about a speech Trump gave after a day in court:

"So he gives the speech, and by the time [his team members] are out waiting for the caravan, he says to somebody, ‘You know I’m hearing from everybody that’s the best speech I’ve ever given.’ Now, one of the people there then said to me, ‘That’s interesting, because we were with him and he hadn’t heard from anybody."

Wolff continues, "Any sense that he’s put in a position where he’s going to be offstage is a dangerous place for him to be. Onstage: He’s in the role. He’s Donald Trump."

Wolff closes by noting that offstage, Trump is, "totally incoherent."