Michael Wolff: Rupert Murdoch Hates Trump But Lost Control of Fox and Can’t Rein in Anchors

On election night, Donald Trump planned on declaring victory long before the votes were counted. Fox News, however, but a dent in those plans by calling the state of Arizona for Joe Biden. The former president immediately tried to get Fox owner Rupert Murdoch on the phone.

Photo by Jason Reed – Pool/Getty Images

It probably wouldn’t have done him much good. According to Trump biographer, Michael Wolff, Murdoch hates Trump. And while one might think the Australian businessman would want to rein the personalities of his network, he may not be able to.

Interviewer Nicholas Carlson asked, “Your book makes it clear that Rupert Murdoch despises Donald Trump. This is surprising given how much his network, Fox News, helps the former president. Why does he allow that to continue?” Wolff responded, “money, money, money.”

The biographer continues:

“I think Fox is, in many ways, largely unmanaged now. What has happened here is largely the transition since Roger Ailes’ ouster. Remember, Rupert never was very involved with Fox News. This was entirely Ailes’ division, or really his separate company, in many respects.

And since then, the one thing that Ailes was always against – letting Republican politicians run the network instead of the network running Republican politicians – has dramatically reversed. The business model now is Trump. Trump all the time. Only Trump.”

You can read the interview in its entirety here

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