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Michael Wolff Reveals ‘Deranged’ Donald Trump Had ‘No Plan’ on January 6th

Michael Wolff Reveals ‘Deranged’ Donald Trump Had ‘No Plan’ on January 6th

Michael Wolff, the author of Fire and Fury (2018) and Siege: Trump under Fire (2019) sat down for a chat with the German newspaper Der Spiegel on Monday to discuss his new book, Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency, which is scheduled for publication on Tuesday.

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Wolff recalled that he met with former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago following the January 6th insurrection at the United States Capitol and that he walked away from that “weird place” with the impression that Trump had no idea what he was doing when he led the attack and that there was no grand objective which he hoped to achieve.

The relevant excerpt of Wolff’s conversation with Der Spiegel is below:

DER SPIEGEL: So, Jan. 6 was not an attempted coup?

Wolff: That’s just political reporters trying to apply some logic to this. There is no logic to this. There was no plan. He is deranged. The guy can’t get from the beginning of the sentence to the end of a sentence. Everybody knows there was no election fraud, except Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani. It’s like they’re on some other planet.

DER SPIEGEL: Was Trump really that clueless on Jan. 6? He told the mob to march to the Capitol and that he’d march with them.

Wolff: He didn’t mean it. He told his horrified chief-of staff, Mark Meadows, that he didn’t mean it seriously. And everybody around him said, what do you mean, march to the Capitol? He’s going to walk? He doesn’t walk anywhere.

Wolff: It literally did not penetrate.

DER SPIEGEL: Sounds like the nation was in the clutches of a madman.

Wolff: Completely. He just believed that his power of persuasion was so great that he would just convince the vice president to do that. He can’t perceive any outside reality, and he can’t take in any information that contradicts his reality.

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DER SPIEGEL: Did you try to contradict his reality?

Wolff: I went in and said, so you think the election has been stolen? OK, I’ll accept that. Tell me how. Who stole it? Who were the bad guys here?

DER SPIEGEL: And what did he say?

Wolff: That question was never answered. It was just, I’ll get you those names, but not now.

Read the full interview here.

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