Michael Steele: If GOP Continues Trump Embrace, All Red States May End Up Looking Like Georgia

When he was the head of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele became used to fighting for every vote. Donald Trump, however, changed the narrative for the party. Steele and a number of former GOP operatives formed the Lincoln Project to fight back against Trumpism.

Photo by JHU Sheridan Libraries/Gado/Getty Images

January saw the first test for how Trumpism would work now that the ex-president is out of the White House. It was a miserable failure as Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff won their Georgia elections and Democrats took control of the House.

To Steele, that was all the proof needed to show that Trump is an anchor to the GOP. He told MSNBC that every state could look like Georgia if they don’t ditch Trumpism.

Steele made the comments during an interview with Tiffany Cross. He told the host:

What we saw happen in Georgia was not an accident. It was deliberate, and it was born out of the deliberate efforts of those who wanted to suppress the votes of black people. Stacey Abrams said, no, that ain’t happening and she systematically took the system down. And she pushed back against it and she organized against it and she defeated it. That’s the course. It is part of our own history. We’ve watched the marches, and we’ve heard the speeches, but at some point it requires the level of action and engagement that we saw that turned a state blue that, I can tell you very frankly, the Republicans never saw coming. That was not on their reality scope, and so we need to change the reality. I say that as someone who’s tried to do it inside the party, now doing it inside and outside the party. But it has to be done.”

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