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Michael Flynn Threatens Barack Obama: ‘He Still Should Be Afraid of Me’

Michael Flynn Threatens Barack Obama: ‘He Still Should Be Afraid of Me’

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn said that President Barack Obama “should be afraid” of him during a Wednesday morning appearance on Fox Business.

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The entire interview was insane.

First, host Maria Bartiromo resurrected the lie that the Obama Administration spied on Flynn and on then-candidate Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Obama did, however, warn Trump before he took office that Flynn was a national security risk.

Recall that Flynn was forced to quit his White House post in 2017 after lying to Vice President Mike Pence about his contacts with the Russians. Flynn later pleaded guilty – twice – to lying to the FBI during Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into interference in the 2016 election.

Bear in mind that Obama has nothing whatsoever to do with last month’s election.

Nevertheless, Bartiromo began with a cornucopia of lies:

So President Obama mentioned your name to President Trump – you were one of the few names that President Obama raised. He did not want you as the incoming national security adviser. I wanna ask you what you think about that. And look, they were spying on Donald Trump. They were spying on candidate Trump’s campaign. We know that there were unlawful wiretaps on Carter Page among others. You coming in as national security adviser, first thing, you coming into the job you would have known what the investigations were. You would have known everything. They needed to get you out of the way. I get that. But why was President Obama so afraid of you? You wanted to audit the Pentagon, didn’t you? Tell me what you wanted to do when you were in the Obama Administration to alienate some of those colleagues of yours.

Flynn responded by comparing himself the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un, complaining that he was treated unfairly (nevermind that the presiding judge in Flynn’s criminal cases, Emmet Sullivan, accused Flynn of treason in open court):

So imagine the transition of the entire country, the United States of America, and here you have this sort of transition conversation between two incoming and outgoing presidents and they mention two people: dear leader Kim Jong Un and Gen. Michael Flynn, as though I’m public enemy number one.

Flynn then directly threatened Obama, which the Department of Justice lists as a crime:

One of these days, I would like somebody to pin him down and ask him, and he should have been afraid of me and he still should be afraid of me, and what I would say is that what you mentioned about auditing and digging into, you know, reforming the Pentagon and the intelligence community, the budget – Devin Nunes has been on top of this for a long time and I think he’s right. You played Jim Jordan earlier, he’s right.

Flynn continued:

I would just say that in the… going forward, because we’re going to have to continue to do some real deep, thorough re-looking at how we operate as a nation within some of these institutions.

The irony here is amazing:

The institutions don’t run this country. They do not run this country. The people run this country, and they do it through their elected officials. And what has happened is we have a bureaucracy in Washington DC that has gotten so bloated, so out of control.

Trump granted Flynn a full and unconditional presidential pardon on November 25, 2020. Since then, Flynn has made his rounds on right-wing media demanding that Trump suspend the Constitution and declare martial law.

Flynn insisted that he is just a humble public servant striving to do the best he can for his country:

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People know me. I mean, anybody that’s worked around me they know me in all organizations I’ve come in through the military, it’s always been about looking at how, you know, we can basically focus on the real true mission, which is really a constitutional mission at the end of the day, supporting and defending the Constitituon against all enemies foreign and domestic. It’s that simple.

The segment ended with Flynn whining – again – about Obama.

“Obama talking about me is outrageous. I will not give him anymore time on your show, so thank you for asking that question,” said Flynn.

Watch below, courtesy of Crooks and Liars:



Forty-two days until the inauguration.

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