Michael Flynn Tapes Will Have Similar Impact to Trump as the Access Hollywood Tapes, According to Former Prosecutor

Following William Barr’s letter and testimony, Republicans have been trying to avoid any reference to the Mueller Investigation. Mitch McConnell made a point of telling liberal lawmakers, “the case is closed.”

(Photo by Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images)

That was, until, last nights bombshell revelation that Michael Flynn may have tape recorded conversations with Trump officials. Former Federal Prosecutor, Jack Weiss, compared the Flynn tapes to those from President’s Trump’s Access Hollywood scandal.

Weiss made the comments during an appearance on CNN’s OutFront. He told host, Erin Burnett:

“What’s really significant here is that there are multiple reachouts to Flynn from, according to this memo, both the administration and people connected to Congress. There are multiple individuals. And some are outreaches to Flynn, some to his lawyers. So I suspect Congress is going to subpoena Flynn. He is going to have to testify and tell us — and name names, for the very first time. And it also means there, are at least — there are tapes.” 

The former prosecutor then expanded on the importance of the tapes. ““Yeah, tapes is something the case has lacked,” he continued. “It’s always been words on a page. Remember the impact of ‘Access Hollywood’? Just the tactile — that impact of seeing someone, listening to someone. If we get a live tape, I think it’ll be a big deal.”

The question now becomes, will Democrats ever get to hear the tapes. In this particular case, the answer may be yes. A DC judge has ordered, “USDOJ to post public transcript of Michael Flynn voicemail that purports to capture Trump/ Congress efforts “that could have affected both his willingness to cooperate and the completeness of that cooperation.”

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