Michael Flynn Jokes About “Finding Someone In DC” With His New Rifle

The Church of Glad Tidings in Yuba, California, has been really excited about Michael Flynn’s guest appearance in their facility. In fact, the congregation was so thrilled to see the man who Donald Trump pardoned that he was presented with gifts — specifically, a new rifle. However, it’s what Flynn said about the gift that’s got him going viral and trending on social media.

[Screenshot via Church of Glad Tidings]

The church posted the entire video, just over 3 hours of it, on their website, but it’s a handful of clips shared on Twitter that are getting attention. In particular, the clip where Flynn appears to hint that he could find a target for the weapon in D.C.

Flynn’s language here is somewhat vague — he could easily argue that he meant he would “find someone in D.C” to appraise the gun, or go to a rifle range with him, or any number of other meanings. However, the audience and the folks on stage with him appear to take a very political meaning from his words, bursting into laughter, cheers, and applause.

The church isn’t just dabbling in partisan politics with Flynn’s visit, either. They’ve previously boasted of other highly partisan guests, such as Dinesh D’Souza, and in June, held a recruitment event for the California State Militia.

[Screenshot via Church Of Glad Tidings/Facebook]

Meanwhile, another clip shows the presenter of the gun, Jason Parker, discussing sting operations he carried out as a law enforcement officer, and appearing to hint that he continues to do so now that he is no longer in law enforcement. The AP article linked in tweets above, which you can also find here, notes that Parker was fired in 2018, and Yuba newspaper The Appeal Democrat reported in 2019 that he had filed multiple unsuccessful claims of discrimination and wrongful termination.