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Michael Cohen’s Sentencing Memorandum Released

Michael Cohen’s Sentencing Memorandum Released

Michael Cohen’s sentencing memorandum was released this morning.  The document is typically written up by a defendant’s attorneys before a client is sentenced in order to direct the attention of a judge to the facts and circumstances surrounding that client and his/her conduct prior to sentencing.

In this case, Cohen’s sentencing memorandum is 33 pages long and argues that Cohen’s lies should be viewed in lighter terms since they were made in an effort to help the President.  Cohen’s attorneys also argue for a sentence of “time served” which is incredibly light considering the seriousness of the crimes he has pled guilty to.  This likely indicates that they feel his cooperation is very valuable to investigators.

One key line from the memorandum is the following, which indicates that Cohen was in communication with White House staff and legal counsel while he was preparing his false statements to Congress.

“Furthermore, in the weeks during which his then-counsel prepared his written response to the Congressional Committees, Michael remained in close and regular contact with White House based-staff and legal counsel to Trump.”

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Michael Cohen is scheduled to be sentenced on December 12.  The entire document can be read below.

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