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Cohen’s Attorney Signals That His Client May Be About To Incriminate The President

Cohen’s Attorney Signals That His Client May Be About To Incriminate The President

Michael Cohen's attorney calls Trump Truth an oxymoron

Michael Cohen, former personal attorney to Donald Trump, has traded giving legal advice to the president for seeking legal advice of his own. His new attorney, Lanny Davis, a former White House Special Counsel, isn’t pulling any punches.

Michael Cohen's attorney calls Trump Truth an oxymoron
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Davis has already spoken publicly about the case to say he’ll be helping Cohen come forward with the truth. Now, he’s responding to a recent Rudy Guiliani interview, to call out Guiliani’s suggestion that Cohen should tell the truth.

A tweet from Davis on Monday implies that Guiliani wasn’t talking about the actual truth, but a version of the story that would benefit the president, and that neither Trump nor Guiliani have what could be called a close relationship with ‘truth’ by any definition.

According to NPR, Guiliani said in an interview that Cohen should cooperate with prosecutors, and that “as long as he tells the truth” there would be no negative effect for Trump. When pressed, Guiliani maintained there was no wrongdoing by the president, and that the truth could therefore not harm him.

Cohen’s own attorney seemed to take issue with Guiliani’s statement on Monday morning, responding that Guiliani must mean his and Trump’s own definition of the truth, and calling Trump and Guiliani’s names “next to the word ‘truth'” an oxymoron.

Additionally two sources close to Michael Cohen have told Gloria Borger that Cohen has a very clear message for President Trump and his attorney, Rudy Giuliani: “The truth is not you or your client’s friend.”

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Indications that Cohen is willing to flip have, in recent weeks, grown from rumors and whispers to Cohen’s own words in an interview with George Stephanopoulos for ABC News, in which he declared his loyalty to family and country supersede loyalty to the Trump family.

Vanity Fair has described Cohen’s hiring of Lanny Davis as another move toward Cohen turning evidence against Trump to remain free, noting that the new rumors are of a crowdfunding account coming soon to cover his legal fees.

Michael Avenatti, who represents Stephanie Clifford, AKA Stormy Daniels, in a series of current cases against Trump, and who has become one of his more high-profile public critics, has expressed skepticism. Avenatti tells MSNBC that if Cohen really wants to tell the truth, he doesn’t have to wait until it’s legally advantageous for himself to do so.

Still, Michael Cohen and Lanny Davis’ public statements about the president and the truth all appear to promise a big reveal in the near future.

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