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Michael Cohen: Trump Knew about the Trump Tower Meeting And Actually Approved It

Michael Cohen: Trump Knew about the Trump Tower Meeting And Actually Approved It

Michael Cohen is moving full steam ahead with his assault against his former employer, President Donald Trump. Cohen revealed on Thursday night that Trump definitely knew ahead of time about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting and what it would entail. During that meeting, the Russians revealed they had dirt of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Sources close to Cohen are now telling CNN that Trump’s former attorney is ready to share his knowledge with Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigators.

Cohen’s newest statement directly contradicts Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Trump’s own administrators and lawyers who claim the President had no prior knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting.

This isn’t a third-party hearsay type of argument, Cohen says he was present, along with several other individuals, when Trump was told that the Russian’s made the offer to Donald Trump Jr. The name of those in attendance has not yet been revealed by Cohen.

CNN says Cohen doesn’t have audio recordings or other evidence to corroborate his claim but is more than willing to swear to his experiences with the meeting under oath.

Cohen recently turned on Trump after his former employer fired him. It was revealed this week that Cohen had at least 100 tapes featuring recordings from various business meetings, many of which may have included Donald Trump.

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Further, one of Cohen’s tapes was turned over to CNN. On that tape, Trump can clearly be heard discussing a payment meant to cover up his illicit affair with Playboy Model Karen McDougal.

Cohen has promised to put his “family” and “country” first now that he has turned on his former employer. So far, Cohen appears to be keeping his promise.

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