Michael Cohen: Trump is Losing it Because He Can Afford NYC Fine [VIDEO]

Michael Cohen deeply understands how Donald Trump's business works. He served as a lawyer for Trump and his businesses for close to two decades. So it was natural that CNN would bring him on to discuss Trump's legal issues in New York. 

It has been reported that the Trump Organization could be fined $370 million for a variety of misdeeds. According to Cohen, Trump is very worried bout the possibility of having to pay that amount despite his frequent claims of being a very wealthy man. 

Cohen told CNN's Laura Coates on Thursday night, "I have never seen Donald look so preoccupied. [I saw] face of the defeated man on the verge of a nervous breakdown."

The lawyer also noted that Trump, despite all of his bluster, knows the reality of his situation. He continued, "the one thing that Donald knows is that the bill is coming and that he cannot afford to pay it."

Cohen then closed his remarks:

"He is all about the excuse," he said. "Make up whatever excuses that he can in order to try to convince, who, his supporters that he is right; he is the victim; nobody else has been heard — the law is the law. He broke the law and now he's going to be held accountable."