Michael Cohen Says Donald Trump Will Never Run For Office Again; Will Be Deposed In His Civil Case

In his latest podcast episode, Michael Cohen drops a few facts and opinions about the future of Donald Trump. He’s pursuing his own legal actions against the former president, and he says that Trump will never run for office again, despite the impeachment trial failing to conclude in preventing it.

Trump will never run again
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In the recent episode of Mea Culpa, which you can hear below or here, Cohen and guest Asha Rangappa discuss his civil suit against Trump, as well as whether any legal action can be taken to make the former president ineligible to run for office again.

At about the 42 minute mark, Cohen reiterates that Eric Trump has already been deposed in his case, and says Donald Trump Jr. should be deposed soon. He’s also filed paperwork to have the former president deposed, as well as Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg.

And I say to anybody that is owed money by Trump or the Trump organization, assert your legal rights, do what I’m doing, file civil actions against him. I’m waiting now for Don Jr to be deposed, we’ve already deposed Eric, we’ve now put in papers to depose Donald himself and Allen Weisselberg, the CFO.

Cohen shared some of this information with Vanity Fair back in December, noting that Eric Trump essentially refused to answer most questions, instead referring them to his attorney.

He spoke confidently about the outcome of that case, saying that Trump’s typical method of “winning” is dragging a case out until the other party gives up, but that when a case is carried all the way to court, Trump tends to have less success.

“You stick it out all the way to the end and then you take them to trial, which I intend to do. And then I’m going to sue them for damages. I’m going to sue them for everything, which is what the lawsuit is all about.

In discussing the disappointment in the impeachment outcome at the 54-minute mark, Cohen shares something that will be a relief to many — he’s sure Trump won’t run again.

Cohen: Donald Trump might be a two-time impeachment loser, but nevertheless what’s the first thing that the son-of-a-b**** came out and said? “Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing me in 2024.” So while he was impeached twice he’ll break history again for the sake of it just simply to make the announcement that he’s running, knowing that he’s not going to run.
Rppanga: You don’t think he’s going to run again?
Cohen: No. No I do not. I do not believe that he’s going to be able to run. I think the District Attorney and the A.G. will see to that, here in New York.

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