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Michael Cohen, A Russian Oligarch, And A Promise Of $1 Million Dollars Walk Into Trump Tower

Michael Cohen, A Russian Oligarch, And A Promise Of $1 Million Dollars Walk Into Trump Tower

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Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen met with a billionaire Russian oligarch just 11 days before the POTUS was sworn into office. Even more troublesome, the meeting occurred at Trump Tower in Manhattan and ultimately resulted in the promise of a $1 million contract.

Cohen, now most famous for being Trump’s “fixer” was caught meeting with the Russian businessman on video, according to the New York Times.

Only days after meeting with Viktor Vekselberg on the 26th floor of Trump Tower, Cohen received a $1 million contract offer for a company directly tied to the oligarch.

The meeting was the result of the Russian allegedly attempting to strengthen ties between President Trump and Russia. Also in attendance was American businessman Andrew Intrater, an investor for Mr. Vekselberg.

The $1 million contract was awarded by Intrater’s private equity firm, Columbus Nova and was paid out just days after Trump became President. Intrater is the cousin of Vekselberg. Federal authorities are believed to be investigating the arrangement that was struck.

Intrater told The New York Times the meeting was a brief and impromptu discussion and that Vekselberg wasn’t originally scheduled to attend but arrived at the last moment.

“Obviously, if I’d known in January 2017 that I was about to hire this high-profile guy who’d wind up in this big mess, I wouldn’t have introduced him to my biggest client, and wouldn’t have hired him at all,” Mr. Intrater told The New York Times.

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Michael Cohen’s office, hotel, and home were raided by FBI officials on April 9, 2018. It’s still unclear what information the bureau was seeking. Trump quickly denounced the movie,  calling it a “witch-hunt” and declaring: “Attorney-client privilege is dead!” One of Trump’s attorney’s said prosecutors were engaged in “government overreach.”

No further comments have been made about Cohen’s Trump Tower meeting with either man at this time.


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