Michael Cohen Provided ‘game changing’ Info to House Intel, According to Attorney Lanny Davis

On Wednesday the whole country had an opportunity to watch former Trump attorney Michael Cohen testify before the House Oversight Committee.  During the hearing, he was asked about his longtime relationship with Donald Trump and spoke about many actions taken by Trump which he viewed as being both unethical and potentially illegal.

On Thursday, however, Cohen testified yet again before another House committee, this time behind closed doors.  Cohen’s testimony Thursday to the House Intelligence Committee was so “game changing,” as his attorney Lanny Davis told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, that he has now been invited to come back and testify again on March 6.

“In a way Michael [Cohen] was more effective than he even was yesterday when he exceeded all of our expectations,” Davis explained.  “Today new information was developed that really could be game-changing… The development of this new information is the reason he’s coming back next Wednesday.”

When asked by Maddow about what type of new information this was, Davis said that it was not “core to the Russia investigation.”

“Mr. Trump has missed the big picture,” Davis continued.  “There is plenty of a conspiracy to collude with Russia. But this is about lying and obstruction evidence and I think that the Trump White House and Mr. Trump himself doesn’t seem to have read the definition of ‘obstruction of justice’ or of ‘suborning perjury,’ and that’s about the best I can tell you but it’s pretty explosive.”

Davis also explained that, in the public record, there are facts showing that Trump would take part in campaign rallies where he would claim that he had nothing to do with Russia, yet as soon as he’d walk off the stage, he would turn to Michael Cohen and ask him, “what’s going on with Russia?”

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