Michael Cohen Predicts Accountant Allen Weisselberg Will Flip on Trump to Protect His Sons

Donald Trump is in serious legal trouble in Georgia. It was recently revealed that former Michael Cohen has spoken with the Manhattan DA’s office on 7 different occasions.

donald trump michael cohen
[Photographer: Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images]
Investigators are also speaking to Allen Weisselberg, who has served as the family’s accountant for decades. Recently, the DA’s office started looking into the accountant’s sons as well.

During a recent interviw with the New Yorker, Cohen predicted that prosecutors will be able to flip Weisselberg as the Trump Organization money man will look to protect his sons.

In discussing the case, the former lawyer said, “I went to frickin’ prison for him and his dirty deeds. It’s the Vance investigation that I believe causes Trump to lose sleep at night. Besides the horror of actually having to open up eight years of his personal income-tax statements, Vance is accumulating a vast road map of criminality for which Trump must answer.”

Cohen also shot down the idea that Trump may not have known about what was going on. “Nothing goes on in the Trump Organization without Donald Trump knowing it. It’s like the boss of bosses in an organized-crime family. No one has to ask if the boss signed off. They know he did.”

And Cohen closed with a prediction that Weisselberg will flip on Trump. “He’s not going to let his boys go to prison,” he said, “and I don’t think he wants to spend his golden years in a correctional institution, either.”

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