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Michael Cohen Lays Out Possible Timeline For Trump Indictments

Michael Cohen Lays Out Possible Timeline For Trump Indictments

Michael Cohen believes that an indictment for Donald Trump will hit before the end of the year, he says. He also believes Rudy Giuliani has no prayer of escape from justice.

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Cohen appeared on the Just Ask The Question podcast Tuesday, and explained the timeline of indictments, as he sees it. He believes that Trump is definitely going to face legal consequences “for some of his dirty deeds,” but he says that the timing has been cautious in order to protect the next election.

The City reports that there are nine contenders — 8 Democrats and one Republican — for D.A. Cyrus Vance’s elected seat, since he announced he wouldn’t run for re-election. It’s expected that candidates’ positions on following through with charges against Trump will be a key issue.

Cohen said much the same — moving on the Trump case too soon could attach it too firmly to the election of a new Distract Attorney — but he also believes that Vance will issue indictments before his term ends, which is to say by the end of the calendar year.

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Cohen believes that Trump will be indicted based on tax documents Vance already possesses, and hints that materials seized from Rudy Giuliani could come into play as well. Ultimately, he says that the already-claimed defense of attorney-client privilege won’t protect Trump or Giuliani, because Trump always loops in other people, and communication between client and attorney isn’t protected if someone else is also included in the communication.

However, he raises another concern. He believes that Donald Trump is hoping, if he does face charges, that his supporters will rise up for him as they did over the election but with enough violence this time to have a protective effect. “If you think just because he gets indicted, that he loses his base, you would be sadly mistaken. He is not losing that base too quickly,” Cohen warned.

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