Michael Cohen Is Betting On A Biden Win — Literally (And Donating The Winnings)

Michael Cohen is very sure about the outcome of the 2020 election. He’s so certain, he’s betting $10k on Joe Biden winning. If he’s right, he intends to donate not only the winnings but his stake to the ACLU.

Michael Cohen bets on Trump losing
[Image via Michael Cohen/Twitter]

Michael Cohen has been interacting heavily on Twitter as he promotes his podcast and his personal, political, and social views regarding Donald Trump. One thing he’s been very clear on is his certainty that Donald Trump not only must lose the election, but will lose.

On Wednesday, he responded to a follower who questioned his confidence. He posted a photo of himself holding up a signboard on which he declared his wager for the betting site, Guesser.

Guesser spoke with Cohen about it, and shared some information on their blog.

Cohen’s considering it a safe bet, with only a 50% return — he’ll gain $5k in winnings if he’s right. Then he’s donating the full $15k to the ACLU — the organization that has fought tirelessly against one Trump action after another since he took office.

Why is he so sure?

““It’s a combination of Joe’s likability versus Trump’s divisiveness, ignorance and arrogance. Through his mishandling of a multitude of issues including COVID-19, Trump has lost the silent majority in the US; even some in the Mid-West States where he won by double digits in 2016. He will be the loser.”

As one might guess based on Cohen’s public commentary following his prison time for crimes committed at the president’s behest, he’s not just certain, he seems positively gleeful at the prospect, saying “I can’t wait for Trump to lose and as soon as the American public hands him his ass, I’m going to hand over a cheque for $15,000 to the ACLU.”

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