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Michael Cohen Implores Democrats to ‘Peel Back’ Donald Trump’s ‘Teflon’ Coating and Prosecute Him

Michael Cohen Implores Democrats to ‘Peel Back’ Donald Trump’s ‘Teflon’ Coating and Prosecute Him

Ex-President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen on Sunday lamented the glaring absence of legal liability for which Trump has yet to be held accountable despite having orchestrated the numerous crimes that sent Cohen to prison.

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“When I was forced to plead guilty by the Southern District of New York, their obligation, considering they actually wrote the allocution and they were insistent that we name, you know, individual number one with the hush money paid, so why wouldn’t they now go ahead and convict him or at least indict him on it?” Cohen posited to MSNBC’s Alex Witt. “I am going to use the same word: it is a dereliction of duty. I believe they are obligated on behalf of the American people to indict not just him, but others.”

Cohen named names and demanded that once Merrick Garland is confirmed as the next attorney general he start finding answers as to why Trump has never faced consequences for the same campaign finance violations that ended Cohen’s career.

“You will find Don Jr.’s signature on there. Allen Weisselberg from the Trump Organization. Why is it that I was forced to plead guilty? I went to prison in part for Donald Trump’s dirty deeds. I am not the one who had the affair with Stormy Daniels. It was done at the direction of and the benefit of Donald J. Trump,” said Cohen.

“Why it is that they are not going and pursuing this? If in fact that they don’t, I strongly suggest that the new attorney general, and God willing it’ll be Merrick Garland who gets confirmed through,” Cohen continued. “And when he does, I would like to see them then go ahead and investigate what’s going on there at the Southern District of New York, because their failure to indict Donald Trump, Allen Weisselberg, Don Jr., and all the other individuals that were responsible and participated in this hush money payment – they need to stand before the judge the same way that I did.”

Cohen went on to say that Trump’s sheath of “Teflon… needs to be peeled away” by Democrats and that he does not care what “gets under Trump’s skin.”

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