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Michael Cohen has Begun Talking to Robert Mueller And he Knows ‘Almost Everything’ About Trump

Michael Cohen has Begun Talking to Robert Mueller And he Knows ‘Almost Everything’ About Trump

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While yesterday’s plea deal and cooperation agreement by former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort undoubtedly has President Trump unnerved, something larger and more ominous for the president has occurred over the past several weeks; Michael Cohen has begun talking with the special counsel.

Yesterday, Emily Jane Fox of Vanity Fair reported that former Trump attorney Michael Cohen has begun talking to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators.

“In recent weeks, it has also become common knowledge among close friends of Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney, that Cohen is talking to the Mueller team, according to people familiar with the situation,” Emily Jane Fox reported.

This, as Trump would say, is ‘Yuge!’

Why?  Because Michael Cohen has represented Trump as an attorney since the early 2000s, when he worked on the property board for Trump’s real estate in New York City.  Since then Cohen has worked alongside Trump as his right-hand man, calling himself Trump’s own “Ray Donovan”, implying he would do anything to help protect the president.

Cohen has built a reputation over the years, which has only recently become known to the general public, as someone responsible for covering up Donald Trump’s dirt.

It wasn’t until Cohen faced the real possibility that he might have to face a prison sentence that would take him well into his old-age that he decided it was in his and his family’s best interests to provide everything he knows about Donald Trump to investigators.

Late last month when Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis appeared on CNN’s ‘Cuomo Primetime he told Cuomo something that most certainly is worrisome to Trump’s attorneys.

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“Michael Cohen being a lawyer for Donald Trump for many, many years knows almost everything about Mr. Trump,” Davis explained. “I do believe that he has information about Mr. Trump that would be of interest both in Washington as well as in New York state.”

The investigation in New York State refers to a probe by the New York attorney general, looking into possible corruption within the Trump Foundation — potential crimes that could implicate Trump’s children and crimes that would not be pardonable by the President

If Cohen really does know “almost everything” about Trump, and if Trump did commit any federal crimes, this information is now in the hands of Robert Mueller.

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