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Michael Cohen Friend: Cohen Proud to Help Bring Trump’s Criminal Enterprise Down

Michael Cohen Friend: Cohen Proud to Help Bring Trump’s Criminal Enterprise Down

Over the course of the last 18 months America has watched as one of Trump’s closest allies, Michael Cohen, has gone from saying he’d take a bullet for Mr. Trump to becoming one of the key witnesses in the likely criminal case against him and his family.

Recently Donny Deutsch, a close friend of Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen, joined Ari Melber on his show “The Beat With Ari Melber”. Deutsch certainly didn’t disappoint viewers as he dove into the mindset of Cohen and what he believes Cohen’s cooperation will eventually lead to.

Deutsch explained how Cohen feels that he is now one of the “good guys,” saying that he’s “beyond proud,” that he’s now helping Mueller with this investigation, which he feels he is the lynchpin of. “Michael Cohen is on this team, he’s on the blue team and he’s on the right team,” Deutsch told Melber.

Deutsch then went on to describe just how massive he believes Trump’s criminal enterprise really is:

“This is just the tip of the iceberg. I really believe that post-Trump presidency you’re going to see the Trump business empire being picked apart for the next 20 years. It’s basically built as a criminal enterprise, he explained.”

Deutsch said that he believes Mueller will recommend a light sentence later this week, and on December 12th when Cohen is actually sentenced, that sentence will in fact be a light one, thanks to the trove of information Cohen likely provided to investigators.

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“Cohen will be pivotal as the guy that was there front and center for 10 years, with this business enterprise, with this criminal enterprise, with this criminal family. You are going to see Michael Cohen being a real lynchpin here,” Deutsch explained.

The language of Cohen’s sentencing memorandum, scheduled to be released by prosecutors on Friday, will be a good indicator as to how much Cohen cooperated and what his likely sentence will be next week.

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