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Michael Cohen Is Ready To Flip On Trump And Is Telling Friends He’ll Cooperate With The FBI

Michael Cohen Is Ready To Flip On Trump And Is Telling Friends He’ll Cooperate With The FBI

Michael Cohen says he'll flip on Donald Trump.
Michael Cohen says he'll flip on Donald Trump.
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Michael Cohen is known as Trump’s ‘fixer,’ but new reports indicate that his loyalty is about to break. Over the past few days, it has been revealed that Cohen may expect to be arrested any day, and now he’s reportedly telling friend’s he’ll flip on Donald Trump to save himself and his loved ones.

Speculation about Cohen’s future increases with today’s deadline for his legal team to complete their privilege review, determining what documents can and cannot be seen by prosecutors. The review was triggered when files were seized from Cohen’s office by the FBI.

Michael Avenatti, who is acting as attorney for Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels, in current legal battles with Trump and Cohen, predicted an arrest by mid-July, and recent reports say that Cohen himself expects the same, and is preparing for his detainment.

The newest report, via CNN, is that Trump’s longtime personal attorney has told family and friends he will cooperate with the investigation, answering questions and turning over information to make things easier on himself and his family.

Trump is currently facing accusations regarding Russian collusion, illegal use of his Trump Foundation for his own aggrandizement, campaign finance violations with regard to paying off Stormy Daniels, not to mention the alleged physical threat posed to her by someone on his behalf, and various other dealings. As Trump’s ‘fixer,’ Cohen could have inside information on any or all of these matters — and other issues that have yet to be discovered.

Cohen is being investigated for wire fraud, bank fraud, and campaign finance violations, people close to the case told the Washington Post. All of his potential charges appear to be in direct connection with actions performed for Donald Trump and his campaign.

Trump tweeted in April to indicate that he doesn’t believe Cohen will flip to get out of trouble, but pre-emptively claiming that, if his personal attorney does so, the information given will be false.


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Cohen reportedly feels abandoned by Trump and his administration. Rumors say that Cohen and his legal team are parting ways, though it’s not completely clear if he is firing them or they’re quitting. Michael Avenatti recently stated that Cohen is trying to have a gag order placed on the proceedings.

This all adds up to an indication that major activity in Michael Cohen’s case, and by extension, repercussions for Donald Trump, could be right around the corner.

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